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Change the display of your website when visitors are inactive.
EyeCatcher is an easy and productive way to regain the attention of idle visitors. An idle visitor is a potential customer who comes to your website but stops navigating at some point. You need to catch their attention before they closes the browser tab and leaves your shop for good. This is exactly what EyeCatcher does! How does it work? We monitor each visitor's activity. After 2 minutes without motion, your shop's appearance changes: the page turns to black and white and gets blurry. When the visitor gets back to your shop, starts moving his mouse again, or touch their phone screen, the page's appearance returns back to normal. This transformation catches their attention. Why does it work? Because inactive visitors are still interested by your products. They have been attracted by another activity, probably to get more information about your product on YouTube (and finally ending up watching that cute cat video), or for any other reason. Your visitors are somewhere else, but there is still hope: their tab is still open. So, why black and white? Try it by yourself. Coming back on a black and white shop is so surprising that it catches your attention. In the end, it reactivates visitors and drives more sales. FAQ Can I change the time before EyeCatcher trigger? Sure! You can choose between 5 seconds up to 30 minutes. Can I change the colors in which my shop is going to turn? Not for the moment. But a lot of new amazing stuffs are in the road map ! How does it behave in mobile? In mobile version, the black and white will trigger when the inactivity time is reached. Then, your visitor will have to make a tap to make black and white fade in. Is EyeCatcher worth it? Of course! EyeCatcher improves the conversion rate of inactive visitor. Give it a try.
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